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Privacy Policy

Webperhour.com is mentioning its privacy policy that is being prepared by following the norms of law and any violation of the policy may lead towards to legal consequences. Webperhour.com always keeps things transparent with all the users and hence here clearly we are mentioning the policies so that people could know the same before joining us. The policy also regulates the way personal data is gathered data and used under norms of law and same is being explained in the below mentioned section.

Overview of the privacy policy

Any user gets associated with us by making registration during which certain personal details are asked. These personal details reflect the data that is being used to identify the person based on their Name, Email Id, and Mobile Number etc.

The mentioned clauses of privacy policy also explains the way we use the collected information so that the respective users could know about the processing of data prior to use the same. Personal data is a delicate thing and we understand the same hence everything is being mentioned in a crystal clear way.

The points of privacy policy get updated based on the updates done in the website and hence we suggest people to keep looking the page at every interval in order to avoid the discrepancies.

Gathering of personal information

During registration of the user we collect information so that proper services could be provided to the user. The information is used during the support and assistance because based on the personal information; one user gets differed from another. Our support is provided but not limited to email id, websites, mobile apps, email ids, and contact numbers.

Various user input is being taken during the registration process and not all the data we count as a personal information because maximum data are those that user provides us with full consent in order to share with the third party. We have given a name of “User Given Data” and those types of information are kept outside of the clauses of the privacy policy.

Users provide some data even without asking in some circumstances and we do not have any intention to collect that kind of data rather we follow all the security protocols in order to protect the user’s input. Also, the users provide their personal information even without asking and it has been done by breaking the rules and hence we will not be held responsible govern those inputs as per our privacy policy norms.

Asking user’s contact details is not allowed as per the clauses of terms and conditions and privacy policy. Somehow if users are interacting with each other at any other platform of communication and the shared information will not be governed by us, it will be solely governed by the channel through which communication was done.

The way we capture information

Under the section, we explain the way through which the data of information is gathered. While using the services of webperhour.com, users will be required to provide certain details. These details may get captured through the process of registration, online chatting, discussion with support, telephonic conversation or any personal meet. Various data gets collected and proper reasoning about the way of utilization of data will be explained here so that all our people could have prior knowledge. All the users whether a freelancer or a project owner must have a look over the mentioned policies in order to avoid the future discrepancies.

What we collect
  • In order to make presence, users will have to create their profile. Here we collect Username, Password, and Profile picture towards the details of the particular profile.
  • Next is contact details through which we get mobile number and email address of the specific user. These details are needed to keep users updated for all the activities performed through his/her profile.
  • When it comes to details of location for billing purposes etc we need to collect data of physical address, billing address and time-zone.
  • To keep the identity of user in order to protect the system from unwanted hacks or fraudulent we need to keep proof of identity in the form of Passport, Driving License, Voter ID Card and Tax related information.
Other type of information collected by us

We also collect the system based information for which generally users are not aware. To keep the things clear we are mentioning the data collected based on the search done by the users

  • Metadata:Users do search a lot before coming to a system and hence we follow a practice to gather the details of IP address through which search for us is made. This step helps in securing the system from hacks etc. We also collect the network and details of computer system through which we are being searched, the website that has referred us, language and keywords used to search
  • Information of Mobile Device: Users access through mobile phone also and we collect the information like Plug-in used in the devices, Type of Device and Device Identifier. These data are much needed as a security protocol.
  • GPS: The system collects the location of the users from where the web page is accessed.
  • Activity of the page: To maintain the services and engagement of our website we keep the record of actions done by the users such as pages that are viewed, time spent by the users, searching through keywords, clicks on website etc.
How we use the gathered data
  • We maintain the records of collected data and is used during the need based on the situation. The data are used in order to showcase the new initiatives and achievements made by us. This way is used to promote and market our services between the users so that they could know all new activities.
  • Apart from that the gathered data is used during the conversation with support channel in order to solve the problem that is being occurring at the user’s end.
  • To raise the invoices and proper billing some submitted information are needed by us. It keeps the transparency of both the sides.
  • We always ensure to protect the user’s profile from unwanted attack and abuse from the third party.
  • Our users are connected to us through their data type email and mobile number. These data are used to inform them about the activities performed on the profile.
  • The collected information may get shared with third party service providers based on the demand of the system.
  • If you do not agree on above points then we suggest not using the platform.

Conditions in which personal information is shared third party

There are some specific conditions in which we need to share the personal information with our third party vendors. We have signed contract with our third party vendors as well and they are bound to work with us by following the clauses mentioned. We have clearly mentioned about the protection of data to the maximum possible extent.

We are in association with third party for the below mentioned services:
  • Hosting and Server: Our website webperhour.com is hosted on the server of third party and if circumstances arise then we need to share the personal data with them in order to get quick resolution.
  • SMS Provider: The OTP verification is an integral part of the system where we verify the users based on their unique mobile number. The service is provided by the third party.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: For the processing of funds from wallet to bank account or vice-versa, payment gateway integration and banking party are involved.
  • Security Services Providers: We are dependent on third party vendors to get the full security of the website.
Download and Update of Personal Information
  • The users will have all the authority to access their personal data and do required modifications. Publishing of changed data will be done by the review of admin in order to protect the website from abusive content. Abusive content will lead you to profile suspension.
  • Users are not allowed to share their personal contact information inside the profile section. It will be considered as the violation of the policy and we will be liable to take strict action towards such activity without any prior notice of the user.
  • Users will have the right to make request for the correctness of data that is hold by webperhour.com.

Update in the privacy Policy

Webperhour.com holds all the right to make changes in the clauses of privacy policy without any advance intimation to the users. Time to time the clauses of policies is updated by following the norms of laws and hence we request all the users who are using our services to go through the page at regular intervals.

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