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Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy, Pricing & Promotion Policy.


The below mentioned terms and conditions are the agreement between the user and us. By signing in into the web platform of Webperhour.com you show your consent towards the mentioned clauses of terms and conditions. We ensure to maintain transparency with all the users who are willing to use our offered services and hence everything is mentioned about the website so that one could always refer the same prior to use the website. We always request to all the users to go through the terms and conditions prior to use the offered services. Webperhour.com does not impose or force any individual to use the services and users are free to choose based on their experience.

Terms used in the agreement:

We, Us, Our: These terms are specifically used for the service provider i.e. webperhour.com.

Website/Platform: The term is used for the online available platform of webperhour.com.

Freelancers: The users who bid on the project.

Project Owners: The user who postshis/her requirement on the website.

Account: The registered email address with the platform.

Milestone Payment: The term means a kind of upfront payment paid by the project owner after having discussion with the respective freelancer. The upfront payment will be saved in the wallet of webperhour.com and cannot be taken by both the parties. Once the project owner satisfies, he/she will be able to release the payment.

Dispute: The disagreement between the freelancer and project owner.

Dispute resolution process: Process set up to solve the matter between the freelancer and the project owner.

Inactive Account: Means user is not active on the platform. It can be done due to violation of the terms and conditions of the platform ‘webperhour.com’.

Active Milestone: The upfront payment paid by the project owner but not released to the freelancer.

Awarded Projects: Means the projects given to the freelancer by the project owner.


  • By using the website, the user will be considered as agreed on the given clauses of the terms and conditions along with privacy policy.
  • The terms and conditions contain the details about the flow of the website and all the restrictions.
  • All the users are requested to honor the made the clauses in order to use the platform in a healthier manner.
  • We have designed the system in order to connect the users who need each other in order to fulfill the professional requirements and hence we expect that everyone will follow the policies in the form of terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  • Freelancers and Project Owners are allowed to communicate through our website only. Asking for contact details will be considered as the violation of rule and account suspension may take place without any notice to the respective user.
  • The system collected personal data of the users and it is used to keep the users updated with all the activities that are being done through their profile.
  • Secure network protocol is being followed by us to protect the website from unwanted hacks and virus attacks.
  • Server attacks are controlled to maximum extent but no one can do so in a 100% precise way which is a universal truth. Our support channel is always open to assist the users in order to recover their accounts in any way.
  • Natural Calamities are not considered in the security provided by us.

Types of Users in the system

There are two types of users are involved in the website

  • Project Owners
  • Freelancers
    • Both types of users should follow the complete process of registration based on their need. Project Owners shall post the complete requirement of the project and freelancers are able to bid on the respective project.

      Workflow of the website

      Webperhour.com enables both the users to communication through chat box and get started working online with a mutual understanding.

      Webperhour.com does not take any responsibility of contractual agreement between the project owner and freelancer. The platform simply enables them to work through an online portal. Any issue can be escalated in the form of dispute and by analyzing all the evidences the admin of webperhour.com shall take the final decision.

      Charges towards the services

      The platform charges some amount as a fee from the users for using the services offered. Charges are taken if someone avails membership and a fix percentage got deducted from the project cost as a fee. The prices may vary time to time and we will keep showing it through our website webperhour.com. Also there may be some offers in the form of discounts can be given to the users based on the decision of admin of webperhour.com.

      All the amount of fee will be deducted in the currency of USD (United States Dollars).

      Conditions towards Taxes

      The users who are registered with the website and doing transactions actively, they are completely responsible to pay their taxes as per the norms of the related country. The amount of tax depends at the residing country and it may differ from one to other like GST in India.

      Marketing and Promotional Activities

      The website webperhour.com is liable to showcase the profile of companies, logos etc on other media platforms as a member of webperhour.com in order to promote the services to get maximum visibility. Also if the user does not agree on this term then his/her willingness will get respected but approval will be written in writing.

      Hence as per the mentioned clause the users “you” allowing “us” to use your descriptions etc in order to do the promotions of our website that is webperhour.com

      Advertising on the website

      Without our permission no one is allowed to showcase their services, products, websites etc on our website. The posted content should only be in context with the project, category and its requirement. Any extra or unwanted post shall be counted the violation of the rule and it may lead to the suspension of the account.

      Eligibility in order to use the our website webperhour.com

      One can use the website only if

      • He or she is willing to get bounded through the legal norms as per the clauses of terms and conditions along with privacy policy.
      • He or she is having more than 16 years of age.
      • He or she does not violate the law of the respective country.
      • He or she is not suspended or blocked by the admin of webperhour.com
      • You have valid email address.

      We suggest all the users not to share login id and password with any third person because the individual associated with respective account shall be held responsible for any kind of suspicious activity.

      Norms to be followed by freelancers

      • The freelancer will get registered after providing certain personal information
      • SMS OTP verification will be done for the authenticity of user
      • Email Verification will be done for the authenticity of the user
      • No abusive content shall be sent either on website of webperhour.com or while chatting with any client.
      • Freelancers are allowed to communicate through the chat window of webperhour.com only
      • Violation of the rule may lead to the suspension of account and legal activity without any advance notice

      Norms to be followed by Project Owners

      • Project Owners will get registered through valid email id.
      • Email verification will be done for the authenticity of the user.
      • Abusive content are not allowed to get communicated in any format.
      • Project Owners are not allowed to share other contact details with freelancers.
      • All communications will be done through the webperhour.com’s chat window.
      • Violation of the rule may lead to the suspension of account and legal activity without any advance notice

      Details of third party communication channel in banned

      • Webperhour.com does not allow sharing of contact details between a freelancer and a project owner.
      • The platform webperhour.com has all the provisions of communication and hence other platforms are not allowed for communication.
      • Violation of rule may lead towards the serious consequences like suspension of account or legal action etc.

      Milestone Payment

      • Milestone payment is an upfront payment deposited by the project owner so that freelancer could have trust factor.
      • Milestone payment will only get released once the project owner agrees to pay.
      • Project owner can not withdraw the milestone amount without the agreement of the respective freelancer.
      • Milestone payment will be secured by webperhour.com.

      Release of milestone payment

      Once the project gets completed by the freelancer by following all the requirement of the client, then the freelancer is liable to request for the release of milestone payment. Once the project owner releases the payment, it shall get deposited in the wallet of freelancer.

      The money collected at wallet shall get processed directly into bank account by putting withdrawal. Time may vary bank to bank. Mostly takes 5 to7 business days.

      Freelancer and Project Owners Dispute Resolution

      • The condition may occur where freelancer and project owner does not become agree on the same conclusion and a situation of dispute arises.
      • Webperhour.com always suggest to resolve the matter from own but if both the parties are not able to reach at a fix conclusion then both have right to raise or escalate the issue by filing the dispute.
      • Dispute will be filed over the milestone payment.
      • Both the parties will submit the evidences in the form of image and copy of conversation done between both the parties.
      • Dispute will be attended by webperhour.com and evidences of both the sides will be analyzed.
      • Support team will not be able to close the dispute because the dispute resolution rights are reserved with the admin of webperhour.com.
      • Based on analysis of all the facts, final decision will be taken.
      • Whosoever will win, the milestone payment will be given to that party only.

      Reviews and Ratings

      • Webperhour.com allows both the parties (Freelancer & Project Owner) to share review for each other.
      • No abusive content is allowed while submitting the review and rating.
      • We expect honest review so that people could know the level of transparency of the system.
      • Based on the work done by the freelancer, project owners shall be able to share their reviews. It will count on the basis of execution of project, behavior of the person, fulfillment of requirement etc.
      • Freelancers will be able to leave reviews for project owners based on their relation throughout the journey of the project and their stability about the commitment and payment release.

      Payment Withdrawals

      • Once the funds are available in the wallet, then users shall be able to make request for the withdrawal of the funds.
      • Admin of webperhour.com will approve the request by doing analysis, and funds shall get processed.
      • Fund transfer may take 5-7 business days to come in the bank account. Also it may get vary from bank to bank
      • If any fraud payment request comes in the notice then the request will get denied immediately.
      • We keep the right to deny the payment withdrawal request

      Action towards frauds

      • Webperhour.com reserves the right to put hold or cancel the payment withdrawal requests by finding any suspicious source.
      • If any unethical or fraud money transfer is found between the two accounts then reverse payment will be done to the main account immediately and it may lead to the quick suspension of the account.


      • As per the refund policy, the user will be liable to ask for any kind of refund of the money paid by him except for the milestone payment and money payable towards the service charge of the website.
      • The admin closes monitors the reason for which refund is asked and if the demand is kept on genuine norms then it will be granted in the account. The payment shall be transferred by following using the same payment gateway as we use for the other withdrawal requests.

      Inactive Accounts

      • Webperhour.com will suspend the account if any suspicious activity is found. If any person finds making any violation of the mentioned terms and conditions or privacy policy, account will be suspended, or deleted without any prior notice of the user.
      • Those users who have not logged in for longer period of time of more than 6 months, their account shall get inactive and it may get recovered by doing proper verification through email.
      • We reserve the right to inactive, suspend or delete the account.

      Right to refuse/deny offered services

      • We keep the right to refuse the provided profile of the user if we find any kind of suspicious activity done by the user. The account suspension or closure of services will be done because of any reason as per the mentioned scenarios:
      • Some who has breached and trying to breach the mentioned clauses of the agreement that is made as a terms and conditions to use the website.
      • If someone finds doing renegotiation with the project owner through any private channel. The project should be taken on the agreed and set budget. No one is allowed to bid the lower amount in order to get relaxation over the project fee.
      • Violation of the legal rights will lead to the suspension of the account.
      • If someone caught doing Fraudulent way of payment processing or illegal activities to settle black money

      Dispute resolution with us

      • If any dispute occurs between us and any user then they shall get connected through the support system in order to get quick resolution.
      • We always encourage making quick resolution of disputes either between the users or with us.

      Closing your account

      • The users are free to close their account at any point of time based on their need. Below mentioned criteria should be kept in mind while closing the account
      • There should not be any pending project in the account of freelancer.
      • There should not be any awarded project with active milestone in the account of project owner.
      • There should not be any pending dispute in the account of both the users.
      • There should not be any payable balance for us from both types of the users.

      Use of the provided information

      We keep the right to use the information provided by you for the promotional and marketing purposes and if you have any kind of restriction then we suggest not to use the website. For more clarity, the information like Name, Email etc will be used for invoicing purposes and sending notifications about the new initiatives of ours.

      Updates/Changes in the terms and conditions

      We are liable to make changes or do amendments in the clauses of terms and conditions at regular intervals without any prior notice to the user. Hence one should keep browsing the page in order to keep themselves aware.

      Get in touch

      We are always available to assist the users so that they could use the platform in order to get more and more visibility. If in case any query or concern comes, feel free to get in touch. Our support is 24*7 online and they give their best to satisfy the needs of the users.

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